1. Applicability

Every visit to the site of BEMARMI BVBA is subject to its general terms, including the following special terms.

By using this site, "www.bemarmi.be", you signify your agreement to the following terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please do not use this site.

If you violate these terms of use or if you use this site for unlawful and illegal purposes, BEMARMI BVBA can revoke your access without any notice.

BEMARMI BVBA reserves the right to update or revise these terms at any time. You should check the terms periodically for changes. You can review the most current version of the terms at the start page.

If, as to particular by these terms governed subjects, deviations are allowed, these terms shall be applicable in all other respects. Deviations are never applicable for more than one assignment, except in the case of written confirmation.

2. Security

Unlawful practices

You are not allowed to use the service of BEMARMI BVBA for unlawful, political or discriminating purposes.

  • you agree to respect the current laws when you submit material through the site of BEMARMI bvba. It is prohibited to submit unlawful, abusive, obscene, harassing information, incompatible with public order and/or good morals, invading another's privacy or inciting to racial discrimination or xenophobia;

  • you agree not to submit or post any unsolicited mail;
  • it is strictly prohibited to "hack" the site of BEMARMI BVBA or any other system that is available on or through the Internet;

  • the provisions of the Law of 28th November 2000 on Information Crime are applicable.

You agree not to use the service of BEMARMI BVBA for any act that results in:

  • illegal entrance to data of linked networks;

  • affecting the proper functioning of BEMARMI BVBA or her site or endangering the use or capacity of the operations for other users; 

  • harming or destroying the integrity of computer data.

In case of unlawful use of this site, BEMARMI BVBA reserves the right to terminate your access to this site, without any notice.

BEMARMI BVBA cannot be held liable for infringements by use of this service by third parties or users.

BEMARMI BVBA invites its users to report any unlawful content which may be available on its site, in order to allow BEMARMI BVBA to take the necessary and appropriate measures to delete this information or make it inaccessible.

Use of 'cookies'

BEMARMI BVBA can make use of 'cookies', little parts containing information, which are being stored on the hard disk of the user, in order to simplify the use of this site. For instance, 'cookies' can be used to fix a choice of language. The use of 'cookies' is commonly accepted by users. If you should prefer not to accept 'cookies', you can eliminate this by adapting the preferences of your browser. However, in that case, BEMARMI BVBA cannot guarantee the proper functioning of this site.

3. Limitation of liability

Own risk

Your use of the service of BEMARMI BVBA is at your sole risk. BEMARMI BVBA makes no warranty, whether explicit or implied, relating to the proper functioning of this site, the information, the contents, the materials or the products, including the prices, which are presented on this site.

No warranty of failure, interruptions, errors,... 

Although BEMARMI BVBA takes care over the layout and the use of this site, the data could contain
technical mistakes or mistakes concerning content or typographical errors. The use of the site could be temporarily interrupted or suspended. This site is provided by BEMARMI BVBA on an "As is" and "As available" basis. BEMARMI BVBA makes no warranty in relation to accuracy, completeness or suitability of the information for any use whatsoever, or in relation to the permanent availability of the site. The user can pass through or communicate the necessary information at any time to BEMARMI BVBA through conventional channels, like fax, telephone, letter,...

The information on the website can be out of date. BEMARMI BVBA makes no commitment to keep the information updated at any time.

Failure, interruptions or mistakes in the electronic supply of the service do not entitle the user to any financial compensation.

BEMARMI BVBA reserves the right to make changes to the layout, content of her service and/or website, without notice. Any temporary delay or suspension of activities caused by these adjustments, does not entitle the user to claim damages, direct or indirect. BEMARMI BVBA does not warrant that the available service is the most recent version.

BEMARMI BVBA assumes no responsibility and shall accept no liability for any decision or act, which the user should have taken, based on the information or data. Neither shall BEMARMI BVBA be liable for mistakes and errors or, towards the users or third parties, for any direct, indirect, incidental damage, lost profits, loss of opportunity or any other damage, arising out of negligence or oblivion in providing, compiling, installing, writing, interpreting, announcing and spreading information or data through this service, even when BEMARMI BVBA was warned for such damage.

In case some jurisdictions do not allow this exclusion of warranty or limitations of liability, the liability of BEMARMI BVBA would be limited to the fullest extent permitted by law.

No warranty of viruses and other damage

BEMARMI BVBA assumes no responsibility and shall accept no liability for damage and viruses that may affect your computer equipment arising out of your use of or access to this service.

BEMARMI BVBA commits itself to act with the greatest possible care, in order to prevent that this site would be affected by viruses or other damaging elements, of which nature whatsoever.


This site can contain links to third party websites. BEMARMI BVBA has no control over such sites or the information they contain. You acknowledge and agree that BEMARMI BVBA is not responsible for the content or quality of these websites. A link does not necessarily mean that BEMARMI BVBA cooperates or that BEMARMI BVBA approves the information on these sites.

4. Downloading material

BEMARMI BVBA gives you the permission to download and print certain material, under the following cumulative conditions:

  • you can only download and/or print material for which BEMARMI BVBA gives you her explicit approval;

  • you agree to not modify or adjust the material in any way;

  • you agree to not modify or omit in any way the signs of intellectual proprietary rights of BEMARMI BVBA (like trademarks or patents);

  • BEMARMI BVBA reserves the right at any time to refuse downloading or printing of material, without notice;

  • you only receive a temporary user's right on this service. This right cannot be considered an assignment of rights.

5. Intellectual proprietary rights


You acknowledge explicitly that all content and materials available on this site are the property of BEMARMI BVBA This website, as well as the content, logos, images and other items, and their selection and design are protected under copyright.

Any copy, modification, adjustment or every other method of use or exploitation of the entire or part of this site, under any way and no matter how, is strictly prohibited, except in the case of prior written consent of BEMARMI BVBA Likewise, it is strictly prohibited to save this information electronically or use it for unlawful purposes.

Trademark information

The trademarks, logos and other marks that are being used on this site, are trademarks and/or trade names which are legally protected. The permission to use this website does not license you to use the marks or names appearing on this site. Any use of these or similar marks or names is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the rightful owner.

In case of copyright or trademark infringement, BEMARMI BVBA reserves the right to institute civil or criminal proceedings.

6. Privacy policy

Collecting information

BEMARMI BVBA collects personal information in the context of registration on the site. This information shall be stored to guarantee the proper functioning of the service, to optimize it by analysis and to gear the service better to the needs of the user.

The submitted information can be used by BEMARMI BVBA for marketing purposes.

Right of inspection and correction

Every user, who proves his identity, is authorized to gain access to his personal file and to make corrections, with prior dated and signed written request.

Modification and notification of this policy

BEMARMI BVBA reserves the right at any time to modify the terms of the current privacy policy, on notice to the customer by website or e-mail.

7. Choice of law and forum

Applicable law

This site is being controlled from the registered office of BEMARMI BVBA at HARELBEKE (BELGIUM), Politieke gevangenenstraat 40. Therefore, these terms are governed by the laws of Belgium.


Any dispute, that arises from or is connected to the use of this site or one of the linked sites, is submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of KORTRIJK. However, BEMARMI BVBA reserves the right to apply to the competent court, in accordance with article 624 of the J.C., if it would wish to do so.

By using this site, the user submits himself to the jurisdiction of these courts, and he renounces his right to object to this jurisdiction or place of trial.

Invalid term

If any of these terms would be considered invalid or inapplicable, this invalid or void term will be considered replaced by a valid and applicable term, of which the content will approach the original term as close as possible. All other terms will remain valid.