In 1988 Stefaan CALLEWIER, current business manager of Bemarmi, decides to join the family business Beltrami (founded by his brother Herwig Callewier). He starts building up experience in manufacturing, logistics, sales and purchase and becomes responsible for the manufacturing and slab department.

In 1993 Herwig and Stefaan decided to group the activities of Stefaan and founded the company NATUCA NV. Stefaan CALLEWIER becomes managing partner and starts producing cut-to-size piece and staircases exclusively for Beltrami at a location in the center of Harelbeke. Due to increasing demands they decide in 1995 to also start selling slabs to local stone business (stonemasonries).

In 1998, after purchasing a terrain of 20.000m² and building a showroom and up-to-date warehouses, NATUCA NV moved to its current location in Stasegem to comply with the further increasing demand of natural stone slabs. Also a complete manufacturing unit is built to cut raw blocks of Belgian Blue Stone and other limestones into slabs and modern machinery to widen the offer in different surface finishes.

Gradually NATUCA NV starts producing a range of natural stone tiles exclusively for Beltrami. Belgian Bluestone antico becomes one of the best-selling materials, but soon a wider range of materials and finishes can be offered thanks to the proper manufacturing unit and experienced employees. In 2008 the complete production unit of tiles is grouped and the company BEMARMI BVBA is founded.

In 2013 Stefaan CALLEWIER grouped all manufacturing and trade activities of slabs and tiles at this site under the company name BEMARMI BVBA. From that point on BEMARMI offered natural stone slabs, quartz engineered stone and composite marble directly to local stone businesses (stonemasonries) and continues manufacturing tiles exclusively for Beltrami.

A different point of view concerning future commercial plans lead to the end of 27 years of cooperation between BEMARMI BVBA and Beltrami.

As from 1st January 2016, BEMARMI is more than ever YOUR PARTNER FOR NATURAL STONE.